So, I went mini-golfing the other day with my girlfriend.  I hadn’t been in awhile, and it seemed like something different.  It was right over the train tracks going east, I believe, from Mt. Prospect road.  Soon as we pulled up, I could see how small it was, but I remained hopeful for a good time.  After all, my Friday and weekend nights I am most often chilling either at home or at my local library.  Not exactly killing it in terms of having fun.  So, this was a welcome change.  And I had my girlfriend with me, who is able to laugh at my dumbness without making me feel like a dweeb.  Something very few people can do.  So, we started off at the first hole, which was a simple straight shot into the cup.  Not complicated, I showed off my amazing putting skills to her, complete with Chevy Chase sound effects.  “Dun-ana” I said, cheerfully using my putter like I was swinging a scythe back and forth.  She laughed and from then on I took our outing slightly less seriously.  But I am always drawn back to nature, so I went into my daze of wonderment: looking at the fake waterfall (which is cold as shit as I stand in my shorts and t-shirt) and watching a family of ducks and their babies swim around the large retainer pond in the middle of the course.  I realize at this point of high enlightenment (LOL) that anywhere really can be fun.  I mean, it’s all perspective.  For example, here’s this family up ahead of us.  Two grandparents and a small girl.  The grandpa and the girl are having fun, chasing the ball around with their putters and keeping it loose.  The grandma, on the other hand, is chasing after every stray ball and writing down the score like it was going to be audited at the end of the round.  Who was having a better time out?  Anybody who goes out expecting one thing out of an experience usually gets something totally different.  At least in my case.  So, the way I took THAT time was as a way of reflection and calm pause.  Not usually a part of my personality, but I’m starting to enjoy the experience.  SO those are my thoughts.  Please share if you would like to expand what I think I know. LOL.


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