So, I have a springer spaniel.  She is about 13 years old and she has bumps all over her body.  She limps around a lot and she barks constantly.  Without knowing the breed, it is usually a poor idea to buy a dog and especially from a non-breeder (say, a pet shop for this instance).  She had worms, fleas, tapeworm, just about everything under the sun.  Yet, here she was, a puppy that looked so skinny her ribs showed through her skin.  She had these eyes…I guess that was enough to make me want her.  It was a lot of work to get her healthy again.  She had to go to the vet, and there were a lot of sleepless nights.  Somehow, she came through it.  She was raised by my grandparents and I.  She went to obedience schools and did pretty well.  But then, I started to slip with training and before you know it, she became unruly and pretty much ruled the house.  She was allowed on the table when it was my grandfather’s birthday party.  She barked when anybody would take the garbage out.  She slept on top of the bed (which she still does!!).  Now, she is old and actually getting kind of senile.  I love her still.  But for some reason, I am growing a fondness for goldfish LOL.


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