“Air waves”

“Air waves”

  Alright, I know I can talk out of my butt sometimes about serious topics, but this one actually comes close to the truth.  Or my truth: truths are personal and relative.  Air.  We can’t see it, but we all know it’s there.  So, what’s the big deal?  Well, it is great to get a big lungful.  I mean, go ahead and take a breath.  Do you feel better?  Sure!  More oxygen in the body, I’ll bet.  Okay, hard truths gone now I’ll go hippy on y’all.  Breathe is everywhere and everything.  Think about it: the air you breathe could have traveled half way from hong kong for all you know.  It could have begun on Mount Everest, gone through the grasslands, and swooping through the damn maple tree in front of you before going down your nostrils.  Cool.  It gave you some pause, didn’t it?  And why not?  Who doesn’t need a good pause here and there?  Whether it’s to tie your shoe, or to stop and stare at a beautiful woman, pauses are good because they allow people to take in a moment.  Now, breathing is how I take in my moment.  Maybe you are different and your moment is drinking a soda pop on a sunny day.  Or basking in the rays next to a pool.  I don’t think any way is RIGHT or WRONG.  Maybe free thinking is the concept I’m trying to grasp here.  My sermon might just be this: take it ALL in.  You never know what you might inhale, from a nice chocolate chip cookie to a great promotion at work.  It’s all good.  Peace out!


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