“nowhere in particular”


“Nowhere in particular”

   Well, here I am writing about who knows what again.  This will be short, but I hope to maybe generate some ideas for myself and maybe some other fantasy writers (assuming male ones exist, LOL).  Now, I’ve written a lot about dragons, far away lands, and even places much closer just for the simple fact that in comes easily to me.  Well, not easy persay, but at the very least it isn’t a stretch for me.  However, I have come to the conclusion lately that I am slowly running out of inspiration.  Why is this?  I usually take from what I see…whether that is from people, things, or places.  Sometimes, it would come to me out of the blue and I would think…Whoa!  How did I come up with that?  Now that my genius is budding (:)) this is somewhat harder for me to balance.  Does it have something to do with getting older?

Maybe I could take a lesson from the “Lord of the Rings” franchise.  The elves and goblins and creatures there all exist as part of a fantasy world.  And yet the ironic thing is, all those creatures are even in their own world threatened by floods, fires, and of course the evil known only as “Sauron.”  Is fantasy slowly facing a kind of extinction?  Or, are the ideas simply not tied close enough to reality?  I choose to believe the latter in a world where even the “Hulk” can’t get it done without some help from his friends.

So, tying this together, I suppose the best way to imagine creating new fantasy is to start from square one.  I need to drop myself in the desert and just see what happens as I go.  This honestly scares the crap out of me because it requires a good deal of faith in my ability to create new ideas when I usually borrow and alter the ones I already have.  But I like the adventure and not knowing where it will take me.  Maybe I will end up in the Rocky Mountains after first setting my sites on a molehill in Africa.  The journey continues! 🙂


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