Well, so now I am to that point in my life where I know exactly squat, and it seems like I am surrounded by a few people who know pretty much what I know.  And that is nothing.  Insert emoticon here!  Not that I am trying to say I now know what life is about: I don’t.  But it seems like the more someone THINKS they know, the less they actually do.  Let me give an example.  Say you go to get a cheeseburger at your local BQ.  (Or Mcdonalds, or Wendy’s, whatever makes it relateable.)  The people that are sitting around you, eating their fries and their ice creams and whatever are full of ideas and dreams.  Maybe bigger than yours or simpler.  Who knows.  But they use those dreams like life preservers in this ocean we find ourselves (I get deep now 🙂  My point here is, even with all those grand ideas (and don’t worry, I have a few) somebody could come along with a sharp knife and deflate that life preserver with no more effort than it takes a butterfly to flap its’ wings.  These things are hard to think about, but they are as real as the hard fact that you can’t even get a cheeseburger for less than a dollar anymore.  So what keeps us afloat, given these facts?  For me, it is the prospect of giving myself and those I care about a decent future.  Something tangible, like a house or a nice car.  Maybe even just a warm place to hang my hat.  Hope and dreams man.  They are the next stage in this metaphorical metamorphisis (know I spelled THAT wrong) I am going through.  Thanks for reading 🙂    


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