“can’t think of a damn thing”


Yep, this is me not having a clue of what to say.  Ho hum.  Literally I am making these words up as I go.  Maybe that’s good?  I don’t know…I do know that most of my writing these days seems to be “whatever I can pull out of my ass”.  But that’s how a lot of my good stuff gets praised, too.  I think this will be my process later in life too.  Guessing and hoping I can make something out of nothing.  So, a princess locked up in a tower sees a fire breathing dragon four hundred feet below her and what does she do?  She throws a crystal goblet at it.  The goblet never reaches the dragon, it transforms into a crow and flies down the dragon’s gullet.  Immediately the dragon starts coughing and can’t stop.  Then, the dragon turns ablaze in a big, flaming ball of fire.  It vaporizes and what is left behind?  The princess in her dumb tower.  Wah wah LOL.

See?   These are the pieces I wish to get away from.  Not because I don’t like them…I still cherish fantasy and hope to for many long years, because it holds a piece of my childhood in it.  No, I don’t wish to lose this ability…but at the same time, I want to start moving towards more ADULT topics.  Like how does the princess sit up in that tower without paying for utilities and rent?  Does she suffer from low self-esteem and just wants to be depressed?  Is that why she locked herself up in that tower?

I want to make a story that combines words, numbers, and symbolism as richly as Stephen King did in his “Dark Tower” series.  Read book three and you’ll know what I am talking about.  He combines those elements so masterfully I feel like I am in a dream that borders on a nightmare.  It is such a good blend of artful manipulation and repose.  I mean, fantasy in my mind should do just that.  Take you somewhere without you even being AWARE that you’re going there.  I could do that with my own stories and I know it isn’t lost.  Perhaps it is only slumbering like Godzilla.  And in that case, I should wake it gently.


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