Okay, so here is some more stuff on nature. I’m sure I’ve got everyone’s attention now! 🙂 LOL. I’ll keep it short, since the subject has probably has limited interest to everyone who is not a “hippie” or “tree-hugger” or pick your term. I’m not saying I belong to any of the former categories, but I do have an interest in animals and honestly believe in some regards that your average squirrel has more decency than the average person walking around on the street. Cynical, maybe, but that is my truth.

Anyway, on to the topic: staring at nature. What can you hope to expect from this seemingly mundane experience? For me, there is a sense of passive distraction. In an age where nobody can seem to go ten seconds without staring at their phones, this seems like a delightful alternative where nothing need be said. I look at this robin, for instance, cleaning and preening himself outside my window. I’m not really thinking; I’m more or less taking in this small wonder with a child’s eye. I couldn’t tell you a thing about that robin: not where he lives, how much rent he pays to stay in his tree (I’m assuming even robins have to pay dues) or much of anything really. But nonetheless, I just gained something from watching him. Maybe just a small feeling, insignificant in the grand scale of things. But aren’t the smallest feelings worth fighting the hardest to embrace? Those little gestures…a hug from somebody you love. A kiss from your lover. A handshake of mutual respect. Even just a passing hello conveys something special: I am here. I am aware of just how blessed I am to be here. And that robin preening himself outside of my window? I think if he could articulate it would say: Ditto. The message is that small. Ditto.


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