“Hate being poor”

Well, this is a rant. I should probably tell my would be readers that right now: I am ranting. If you would like to miss it, turn back now. If not, strap yourselves in.

So here goes: I hate being poor. You would have thought I was the first to come up with this idea. But there it is: it really sucks. Being poor means you can’t have the luxuries of life that make it a little more bearable. The cars, the swimming pools, a hot wife (okay, maybe not) but still, you live a little higher on the hog. But when you are poor, you have to scrap out a living. Nothing new I suppose: immigrants to this country probably had to do the same thing when they first arrived. And not much has changed. Everybody has to work their way up. There are no exceptions.

Yet, here I am on a Saturday night and you know what? I want some foot spray for my feet. I want some sun tan lotion so I don’t boil in the sun everyday at work. I want just the basic things that a person should not feel entitled to, but just need as a part of everyday neccesity.

So yes, maybe I was spoiled some growing up. Maybe the whole “me me” generation (of which I am included) just got hand outs, and now the later generations are kind of like, WTF shove it in my mouth already!

Anyway, rant winding down, I just want to get rich or die trying. And I will. One thing I know about myself is my determination. It is unmatched when I want something. So, hopefully I get myself in order and do a Tom Petty and “run down my dream.”



2 thoughts on ““Hate being poor”

  1. It sucks not having money to do the things you want to do or buy the things you want to buy. My favorite towards the end of a pay period is choosing between dinner or gasoline. It’s okay, though, Gary! We will keep writing and one day it will pay off. I have a good feeling about it.

    • True. Life is perspective, and even when you have money…is it possible one day to forget how you got there? No, being poor is good for the fact that it burns the fires hotter and makes you that much hungrier for the better life. thanks!! šŸ™‚

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