Why are women so interesting?

This is an interesting topic for me. I have tried to plumb its depths quite a few times and have never really answered the basic questions. What makes women so darn interesting, confusing, and at times so damn perplexing? I can’t really understand nor comprehend…but then, I am a man and have my own planet to live on. There are many small things that puzzle and interest me though…why do women flip their hair over their own ears? Is this a small subtle gesture…one that lets a man know that they are in fact listening to your words?

Why do women constantly worry over their body images? Is it the world that we live in, that has made perfection (unattainable in my book) the star to shoot for? Why do they seem so inviting one minute, and so terrifying the next?

Maybe it is a deeper root question…what makes women so different from men? Lack of ego? I am certain both sexes have one…maybe women are just better at concealing theirs. Why are women better at certain tasks than men? Is evolution at play?

So many questions…and I have a theory that the deeper I dig, the less questions will be answered. I can live with this, already seeing that life is full of such questions. However, if you are a woman and have input, please add. I only ask that you not beat me over the head with it, as I am a man and the perplexities of your planet go beyond me.


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