Fast track

“Fast track”

So, hello again all fellow readers!  (many who are anonymous, but it works…)  Here I am again, letting you into my world for a day and giving you my own personal insights into the world around me.  I went to the racetrack with my girlfriend and her family the other day.   It was a great day, simply put.  The weather was near perfect; there was some wind, but that just helped solidify my theory of imperfection.  In a nutshell, it states that nobody and nothing is perfect.  And the second I realized that, the better the world became.

We met up with my g.f’s cousins and uncles and so forth.  Everybody was pleasant and nice, but nobody was perfect.  I accepted this because I knew that I myself was not.  I chatted the whole time I was there and didn’t feel awkward once, a real feat for me.  We were sitting in this small picnic area just outside of the main entrance, and maybe a hundred feet from the track.  PERFECT.  Or at least, my mental aspect felt that way.  I watched the people go by in their dresses, fancy hats, business suits, and of course the park personnel, like ninjas.  I had a beer and enjoyed the nice buzz I got from it.  I walked with my girlfriend and felt like the luckiest man on Earth because I had somebody to hold and who felt very much the same way I did.  It was wonderful.  And that’s when it hit me then: not everybody has the same perspective.  It is our own unique perspective that makes us both unique and special.  Just like no two snowflakes are the same, no two aspects are alike either.

But at that magical place I’d found people smiling, enjoying what precious minutes,hours, days or years might be left to them.  A few people even shared their happiness with me and I in return.  There is no substitute for that kind of feeling.  It is hard to achieve, but I believe anybody that slows down can feel it.  I know I am not the only person to have found this.  I hope more people reading will at least consider looking at life from another perspective, if only to gain a differing and unique view of life.


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