Driving…or is it?

So, a brief summary of why I do not and never will enjoy driving. I’m being negative I’m sure, but this is a good vent so bare with me! Driving to me takes on all the nostalgia of going to the carnival…and getting to ride the bumper cars! Only, it’s real life and if you get bumped, more than likely your ass is going through the windshield. So, why do it? It beats walking…you get to your destination that much quicker…and oh yeah, you don’t get run over by your fellow motorists.

Driving sucks because basically, nobody else on the road seems to care. Maybe it’s just an isolated perspective, but seriously, can anybody else say that their blood pressure does not go through the roof when somebody blows through a stop sign, completely disregarding the rules of the road? It says to me, ‘I don’t care who I run over today.’ Not to mention all those wonderful drivers not even liscenced (illegal aliens, high school kids, some elderly folk) and who should not even technically be on the road.

So, summing up, I never enjoyed driving and never will. It is an absolute statement, but nevertheless true. To remedy this, I will more than likely get a bike or ride a horse or get moon shoes. The cars I leave to the folk who think driving forty in a parking lot is a decent speed limit. END RANT.


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