“Images and sounds”

Well, here I am again, trying to come back to the lost world of imagination. It’s a place I frequent rarely anymore, because like the deep woods, it is easy to get lost and confused. But always worth returning for a picnic, though. (If you lost me there, good luck with the rest! LOL)

This is just a short kind of perspective piece. It is not intended to convey any sort of meaning, only a glimpse into another place. Sorry if I’m getting deep!!

“The robin landed on the branch outside my window. I wondered what it thought as it sat on my branch, gazing at the world around it. It preened itself a few times, the feathers ruffled and unlovely. It never called out much if at all, and certainly never while I looked at it. It just took in its’ surroundings and finally attention came to me. It gazed at me with what I could only guess was speculative interest. Could the robin see me through my dirty window? Unlikely. The image that must have been in that bird’s mind could only be described as maybe a halo of light that moved constantly. A deeper instinct might have alerted the bird that it was being watched and perhaps that was what drew its’ attention to my window. I can’t know. All I know is that the robin prepared his wings for flight and was already off to the next destination.”


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