Halves and halves nots!

Once again, I take reluctant readers into the depths of my odd mind! It’s always strange I’m sure, but this is more a kind of step by step process of understanding a mind. My mind. And everybody who reads this, whether they identify with it or not, might at least gain some insight into their own heads. Or maybe just get a laugh out of it. That’s not a bad thing either!

So, here it goes: my head has always been split in two. This is not some split personality disorder, I just kind of have to dig into both parts to get a single idea. It’s weird. Think about like, if somebody said, add 1+1 to get 2. I see that the equation works, but it’s like I have to pull it out of a hat to get there. I am great at division. To me, the whole world looks like something that can be split in half. Half truth, half lies. Half joy, half sorrow. Half ignorance and half understanding. That is my world, pieces of the pie that somehow fit into the whole pan.

Now, I don’t always think this kind of reasoning is a bad thing. I mean, if you’re not looking deeply at the whole problem, don’t you kind of miss the important details? It’s like making a pizza…you miss one step, or you put the sauce on top of the cheese or some dumb thing, you miss out on the whole concept of pizza.

And above all this mumbo jumbo I still put the concept of calm. Everything done with a calm and impassioned mind is pretty valid. Don’t get me wrong: passion has its place and time. Without it, life would be boring and lack the colors that make living exceptional. However, making reasoned decisions is important in this world. And whether that decision is right or wrong, it also is a half truth. We make the decision and we also have to live with it. That is life and if we don’t like it (me, specifically) then tough shit!

Thank you for reading! I hope you got a little insight or humor! Good luck and I’ll be back with new stuff next time!!



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