Summer is OVER!

Yes, summer is over! Been over for awhile now, but doesn’t quite feel that way. Every time summer closes, I feel like it hangs on longer and longer. That could just me the romantic part of me, but I think there is always a longing in people for good things to last. Which they never do, so we learn to appreciate them more for however long they are here. Now we come to autumn, and soon enough winter to follow!

Now fall is not a bad season by any means. I love it! You get nice weather, no allergies (I speak for myself, here) and generally the atmosphere is better and things are worth cherishing more (as opposed to Christmas and later months, where the values are commercialism and greed. Sad but true!) Lastly, the pace of life is much calmer in fall. I find that great in a world where it’s “go go go!” Never a moment to appreciate the turning of the clock hands, the sands in the hourglass. Fall gives me that sense of completion.

So summing up this adeiu to summer, I can only say farewell! We will meet again, I am sure of it. Only next time, you will greet me as someone greets a long lost friend. One who has grown in size, strength, and sureness. When I meet the season next year, I don’t want a firm handshake. I want to embrace and bear hug the f#!%* because summer only comes once. Hol’ha!


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