“Why rain can be soothing”

I am writing this even as rain is coming down outside.  It’s not terribly depressing; it’s actually kind of relaxing.  The sound of the water hitting the ground is like mother’s milk.  Sunny days are not bad and I enjoy them greatly.  However, there is something to be said about a perfectly dreary day.  It kind of prepares me mentally for whatever crap might be ahead of me.  Absurd to compare precipitation to clairvoyance.  Maybe it’s not that particular ideal, but maybe it is the fact that the rain is like a spiritual cleanse for me.  It cleans out all the nasty debris that accumulates after a time.  

What if it’s some sort of primitive instinct?  That man, seeing rain, went into his cave to make fire.  Then, after seeing that fire,  he felt comforted, knowing he was safe from the dampness.  Who knows?  Maybe people just can identify with that feeling of grey absence and so project it on a non-human theme.  In this case, rain.

Whatever the reason, I like the rain.  From afar, of course.  I don’t like working out in it, certainly do not enjoy driving in it.  But there is a tranquility in the sound and appearance of the effect that I cannot put a name on.  Maybe it’s best not to.  The best things in life, in my humble opinion, are not the things you can name.  They are the things best left to the wonder of the imagination.  Enjoy the weather! 


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