“Seeing Lines”

“Seeing Lines”

                          I guess I am seeing lines now.  No, not those lines, get your head out of the coke dish.  Literal lines in everything from books, to yellow parking lines, to the bars of light that come in through my window.  Bent lines and crooked lines and lines that seem to originate from mid-air in some cases.  I have seen these things before, but only now am I aware that I may have a unique perspective in this thinking.  Before, I simply assumed everybody could see the same way.  

To anybody curious in how this looks, try to imagine you are standing next to the road.  A big sixteen wheeler semi-truck goes roaring by.  You look and see a side view of the semi as well as everything else in the distance from the semi.  It is like looking through broken glasses, if that makes any sense.  The crooked lines look finer than the straight lines, to me.  That could be a metaphor, IDK. LOL

So what does this mean, the tired reader may ask?  Nothing, really.  I mean, it just means that I have realized that not everything in life is a cookie cutter cutout.  I’m certainly not and neither is what I am looking at.  It gives me courage, however, to know that I am not alone in this kind of thinking.  I only have to look an artist like Pablo Piccasso to know that.  Not to mention countless engineers and architecture students.  Hopefully, I can make my own contribution in the way the previously mentioned have and lend my insight to some large project.  It remains one of my dreams. 🙂


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