where are the elk hiding at?

“Hiding Elk”

  The Elk are hiding this morning.  I looked for them but I searched in vain.  They must be very elusive critters!  I go by the main fence and see the usual sign: DO NOT FEED THE ELK!  Do people ever listen to this I wonder?  I doubt it…more than likely because feeding the elk seems like a great part of village life.  I have never felt part of “village life” so I can’t describe that feeling.  Along the top of the fence I see barbed wire.  It would seem not only are people content to ignore signs, they might also be tempted to ignore the purpose of fences.  To separate man from animal.  An animal that might weigh up to five or six hundred pounds is probably not going to stand for a human being invading its domain.  I walk down the fence and follow it all the way to the end and quite near where the bike bath begins (although another fence lies between the two).  I’ve come this far and quite like Forrest Gump  I can see no clear path but back the way I came.  (Although had the fence been open I might have wandered further).  I listen to the bugs and cicadas turning out their last songs of summer.  Conversely, I also hear the traffic on my right.  I wonder deeply where the dividing line is?  I continue on until I get back to my “happy” little Lancer.  I wring out my socks from the dew that has soaked into both sock and shoe.  I get in and I plan to return later when the heat has gone and the Elk are more active.     


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