What is belief?  Faith?  Is it knowledge, or just hope in something better?  I can’t say which…I know what I believe and why.  I defend it daily with my own confidence.  But is it permenant?  Or like everything else, is it subject to the whims and conditions of the world around me?  I know the world influences my decisions to some degree…I think it is part of why I have such good reasoning skills.  I reason like I see events unfold and for the most part, that reason stands the test.  But what about the chaotic side of life?  The fender benders, the shootings, the general malcontent?  Can reason give me solace against these unreasonable happenings?  NO.  So, I draw upon something deeper.  Faith.  I mean faith in god, but not only that.  Faith in the general goodness of people.  Maybe that sounds naive, but I have started to lose faith lately in what it means to believe that.  And I know deep down that somehow, the two are connected.  My faith in a higher power and my faith in people’s goodness.  

I won’t pretend to know what God or even life itself has planned for me.  It would be pretty foolish to think I could pray away every problem in my life.  God helps those who help themselves, it is said.  I will say this: belief is anything that allows us (you and me that is) to slay our demons.  I don’t care if you believe that wearing a turtleneck sweater on monday will cure your cold.  If you stay true to that belief, you have done yourself a great service.  Who knows, you might inspire somebody someday to do a great thing.  Faith.  Worth holding on to.


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