How I learn

“How I learn”

  I learn best the old fashioned way.  You read, you absorb, you practice, you learn.  It is a way seldom done any more, I think.  Since it is so out of date, I think people who learn this way are looked upon as retarded.  I would like to clear that up in a heartbeat.  I am NOT retarded.  I am a slow learner, but in spite of that, or maybe even due to it, I learn things more thoroughly.  I see details that before I might have overlooked.  It is not always easy because my brain moves way too fast, in my own opinion.  I like slowing it down so I can learn what I am doing and not simply repeating what I’ve seen somebody else do.  In other words, I learn after my own fashion.  There is nothing wrong with this.  It is simply different and unique to me.  Who knows, maybe in time it might serve me even better than previously?

Now, there are some drawbacks to this ability.  I usually am quiet and reserved, but there are times when I can be recklessly impulsive.  I have to remind myself this is not my personality.  I am shy by nature and will have to work my way above this problem.  I also have anger problems.  Not bad, but they must be managed, obviously.  I prefer listening to heavy metal and going to “beast mode” as I think of it, to excersize.  So, those things are helpful in managing my busy mind but also my feelings.  Meditation is also great, although I am finding I need it less and less these days.  Outward expression seems to be more helpful.  

So, in conclusion, my sermon for today (yes I think there is one ) is that your mind is really what you make of it, like anything else in the world.  You put good in, you’ll get good out.  If ever there is a point where you can’t get good out, then there are always people around you who probably know you better than you know yourself.  Reach out to them and let them know how you feel.  It will ease your problems but even more benefical, it will give you peace of mind.  That is a wonderful thing to have.  🙂


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