“So it’s colder now”

So it’s colder now

  I miss the normal seasons.  Every season feels rushed now.  It is hard to put into words, but certainly the stores don’t help when they put up displays for holidays that are months away.  I probably don’t even have to mention the irritation of hearing Christmas music.  It seems to me there use to be a nostalgia to the seasons…you don’t have to be a pagan or earth child to get it either.  Fall, for instance, always has the feel of calm acceptance.  The acceptance that summer has over ripened and soured.  The conclusion that winter will soon have it’s cold grip over the country.

I suppose I just miss simpler times in the long run.  Days that were easy to understand and complications that could be solved with warm apple pies and nice thanksgiving meals.  Here I sound like an old man!  Well, that’s part of me, there is no denying.  I still have that hopeful, youthful outlook in me ,I know.  It will reveal itself as time rolls on.  But for now, the cold is coming.  I am grabbing my ass a blanket.


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