Mondays.  Blah.  Such a crappy start to the week.  Garbage pickup day, start of the work week, general unpleasant social activities.  It really should be outlawed, as in all the other days of the week should get together and kick monday in the pants.  Or, what if, a new day were to be created?  Call it whatever: blah day, crap day, screw-my-boss day.  Anything I think would be better.  Since it is the beginning of the week, maybe add some fun activities to the day, too.  Like soak a random person with a squirt gun, or play a light hearted prank on somebody.  Mix it up monday!

In reality, none of these things are likely to happen.  Why?  Well, because people are use to habits.  Habits are very hard to break.  I know this, because part of me getting better depends on breaking some of my own habits.  Maybe being somewhat messy instead of compulsively orderly.  Or just saying “hello” when every instinct is saying “go f@ck yourself.”  Small changes like these can work for you too!  Just pay me $9.99 plus shipping and handling.

So, my point here is that Mondays just really suck.  But I think there are ways to take the sting out.  The smallest is just being polite.  A simple “good morning” or “hello” can really make a difference in anybody’s day.  What happens from there is up for debate!!


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