“How strange it all feels”

This IS the surreal life.  For me.  I am looking up that word as I type.  OK I couldn’t find it.  I think it means something that feels real, but also feels like a dream.  That is hard to put into words, too.  There are times when I feel like more a part of one than the other.  Now before you start saying, whoa Gary, now I have to call the men in the white coats, let me better explain that feeling, because it’s not a bad thing.  It is a feeling of peace and calmness that arises when you are most centered.  Or when your mind is empty and you can just BE instead of think, think, think.  It is good to have this state sometimes, in my own opinion.

Now, is this ideal for everyday life?  NO.  You need to focus in almost every aspect of life.  Lack of focus can cause accidents or worse.  I do not recommend a zen state of mind while you are busy driving a car or trying to fly an airplane.  That would be silly and or foolish.  But what about going into that state of mind at a stoplight?  Or trying it out when the plane is on autopilot?  I believe in picking and choosing my moments of peace because it is such a rare thing.  Life seems like constant turmoil and rarely do any of us get a chance to slow down and appreciate the quieter moments.

Let me put it in summery by saying that everyone has their own definition of peace.  Some might call theirs a motorcycle ride down an open highway.  Another might define the same noun by calling a quiet nap under a tree their peace.  Whatever the case, introduce this thing into your life.  It has helped me gain perspective and a larger view.


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