Why is coffee so disgusting?

Why is this drink so repulsive?  I drink it and yet I kind of wonder why at times.  It is not the most tasty of beverages, unless you dump about a pound of sugar into it.  It is not very good for you, depending on what statistic is out on the news.  So why do we crave it so much?  The caffeine draws some people, obviously.  It gives you the boost you need in the morning to get going.  If some people do not drink it, they get cranky and out of sorts.

It comes from a bean.  Essentially, I am drinking something that is ground up organic matter.  Or might go good with hotdogs, but then I’d be talking about another kind of bean (pinto, if memory serves).  Is coffee just necessary to running the world, like gasoline to a car?  When did people first look at this drink as a valuable resource?

Well, those are my thoughts.  I hope at least it provokes thoughtful consideration!


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