Here it is…christmashalloweengiving.

It’s that time of the year.  Wait, what?  Exactly what are we celebrating these days?  Sometimes it seems hard to tell…but I digress.  My topic here is the way the place I work at is gearing up for the holidays.  They are putting up Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving decorations.  All at the same time.  Now granted, these decorations are spread out throughout the store.  However, that is little comfort to the shopper who has to sort through all of these confusing alternatives.  Should they buy pumpkins or ornaments?  Turkey cutouts or rubber masks?   Should they be singing Christmas carols or roasting marshmellows?!  All right, that last was a little goofy, but you get the point.

When did the holidays merge together into one large commerical extravaganza?  It seems like every year people spend more on buying than celebrating the holidays.  I know that point has been beaten to the ground, but still…what is the point of having a celebration if you are not going to cherish it?  So, I guess the thing to take away from this week’s spiel is…next time you go to the store, beware.  The store you are purchasing from is more than likely trying to shock and awe you into forgetting where you are.  Try not to buy into the hype, but make a decision more based on your personal comfort level and not the artificial feeling the ad junkies are trying to make you feel.  Happy shopping!!


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