Prepared for the cold.

Fellow readers, let me start by saying the cold is HERE.  I hope everybody is prepared for this weather.  I think that I am.  I have new boots, shoes, and a coat, courtesy of my wonderful grandmother.  So the physical aspect has been dealt with.  But what about the mental outlook?

How do you prepare for the cold, the lack of sunshine, the general air of gloominess that comes with the later months?  Some people I think go into hibernation mode.  I am struggling to get out of this cycle, because it does not help with my depression/anxiety.  Apathy for myself will not help my positiveness nor will gorging myself on food (although everybody does it I’m sure).

SO what are the keys to surviving seasonal gloom?  Well, the best thing I think is to focus on what you truly love and guess what folks: I’m doing that now.  Writing is my way out of the darkness and has been since I was small.  Everybody has their thing: sports, grabbing a brew with friends, watching the Hawks (Go Hawks!).  If you are doing something you enjoy, you have less time to worry.  And worry is the next door neighbor to negativity.

Summing up, there are great things to do during these sunless months.  You don’t always need electronic devices to find them, either.  If you have nothing else to do, find stuff to do.  It always helps to be useful, especially when the lights aren’t always so bright.  If nothing else, keep smiling! 🙂


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