New car salesman

Phones and dreams

I’ve figured out why the car salesman look so depressed as they sit in front of their rusting automobiles.  They have lost their calling.  The new salesmen are now sitting in front of the phone kiosk.  They welcome you with wonderful smiles and they seem to be selling you some sort of dream.  They point out features and apps that YOU MUST HAVE!  These salesmen make it seem like you are completely idiotic if you don’t have the latest update.

They are all salesmen.  Selling you dreams and clunkers.  Not in the order, as me and my grandmother have discovered.  Minutes and apps and texts that you might LIKE to have…but do you really need?  “Add this, and you get another $60 a month!” a helpful associate states.  But why should I care?  I don’t meet the requirements of my age…totally in love with technology, in other words.  I grew up without technology and so never had to adapt to the social community.  I just didn’t have it.

Now, I see it as a critical part of the world.  Nothing I can do about it, the world existed long before I was here.  So I go on.  I adapt and try to make my way through the technological forest.  But I can do without the cheery smiles and people who seem so bent on selling me a dream…that is in fact what writers do.  🙂


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