“Crazy season”

“Lazy  crazy”

This is the crazy time of year.  Maybe it is something in the air, maybe just how people interact with each other.  It is always the same though.  People are in “I don’t give a shit mode.”  I have this a lot with work.  I push carts for a living.  I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life and maybe not even for the next couple of years.  Anyway, here I am pushing carts and here come these crazy cars.  NOt slowing down, not stopping, just rolling along at about twenty miles an hour and this is during rain/sleet snow.  WTF.  Can you please slow the shit down?

I do not have automatic brakes.  I roll on momentum and if that car gets in front of me that fricking bunch of carts are going through the car.  NO other way to put it.

Then you get assholes who think it’s their duty in life to just get in front of you and try to be as slow as possible.  I mean I understand the line “customer first” but when the custemer literally makes your life a living hell, aren’t you at least entitled to go hide in the corner or something?  This is just a thought,anyways.  Well, the rant is slowing down some.  I can’t even really see these words at the bottom of the screen.  But this is the crazy season.  NO doubt about it.  The squirrel that is making a nest in the cardboard box can attest to that.


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