Anger is something that I both see as helpful and harmful.  Why?  Helpful because it helps me climb mountains when my strength is nearing it’s limit.  Harmful because it just seems to be a bomb sometimes….what you need to get rid of before it explodes inside you.  I have had some bad experiences with anger.

It has been a personal and professional plague.  It has actually banned me from a few places on this Earth.  Could you believe that?  Actual places I cannot go because of my own emotion.

But anger controlled and directed in the right way CAN be helpful.  It can put the fuel in your car, so to speak.  But, again, you have to know HOW and WHEN to use it.  I need to find a better channel for my anger.  I am starting to put this raw emotion in my work and finding great benefits to it.  Once I find the courage, I will try to put it in my personal life.  I know I have this strength.  I cannot fear the flame.


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