A new year, and new challenges

It’s the new year.  A new year is kind of like a newborn colt, walking for the first time.  It’s legs are like jelly, it wobbles and teeters, but eventually gets the hang of moving forward.  So, here I am, also like a newborn.  Sure, I’ve been around for a small while, but there are still many things I wish to do and accomplish.

Some of these things are personal and I will not share here, even though I value each person who reads this blog.  But some, like the prospect of one day being able to do math competently, I will gladly share.

This new year is going to be good, I can already tell you that.  For everyone.  Does it in fact have to be REALLY good?  NO.  Just sort of.  Once we reach sort of, amazing things may start happening.

Maybe there will be a new, amazing cancer cure.  Maybe there will be a cheeseburger that comes without that nasty mayo topping.  Maybe we will return to the space program.  Maybe my neighbors will go to bed before 3 am.

Point is, life is full of maybes.  They are cousin  to yes.  We reach maybe, the world opens up completely.  The next step is just “Yes”.


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