“How to do humor”

This is a short how to on humor.  A brand of humor, anyway.  I find being aware of certain situations automatically makes for good humor.

You take one thing, like a man walking his dog, and turn it into another, like maybe the dog is being walked by a wookie.

Another way to look at things in a humorous light is to forget how things work.  It’s pretty easy for me as I forget how things work all the time.  But seriously, if you just forgot the order of the world for one second…you find some pretty funny, messed up stuff.

Lastly, self humor is most important and something I am finding the most difficult.  Why?  Because people hate finding flaws in themselves.  Even if the flaws are not that large and barley evident to the naked eyes.  We prefer to think of ourselves as perfect and God forbid we should alter that preconception!  As long as it isn’t deprecating, self humor is a good way to make funny your own.



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