The cold weather is here.  It is freezing out as I write this.  I think of times like these as something to be grateful for.  I mean, yes it is hard to get through.  Certainly, it’s not fun to be starting your car and crossing your fingers that the battery works.  But there are good things to be grateful for to.  Being under a warm roof certainly helps.  Also, there are more times for watching T.V.  Togetherness is something sorely missed in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

So what else?  Well, if nothing else, we become more grateful for each other.  I myself realize how much I need others.  How good it feels to be among people that have simliar problems.  After all, we all have the most basic needs.

Summing up, the weather can’t be helped.  Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes stormy, so on and so forth.  It’s out of anyone’s control.  But the best thing I can think of is to be grateful and thankful.  It makes better sense and keeps the mind clear.



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