Whatever you do

“Do it well”

I am a writer.  I put down words and then make the words float.  Or, I try to at least make them look better, in some way.  Maybe I try to put a shine on them, maybe I just try to wash them off. (no dirty words, ever)

Whatever the case, it’s what I do.  Recently, I discovered one of the reasons why I do this.  It is a path to wellness for me.  It cleans the dirt and scum I accumulate in my mind.  Some people do therapy and I do some self help things (mediation among the many).  All of it does help, but not so much as writing down my thoughts and feelings as best I can.

So, that’s my big lesson.  Do what you do.  And enjoy it if possible because rarely are there things in this world that are sole for your benefit



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