Time jump

“Jump around”

Well, it is that time of year when my mind does not know what the hell it wants.  OK, that is not the truth, but only a state of mind currently.  Yes, I do know what I want, but I have this block in my head now.  So, the only way forward, is to remove this block by taking the proverbial saw to it.

This does not mean I should ignore where I am at right now, says some part of my brain.  I am young and I deserve to enjoy where I am and what I have done to get here.  But obstacles exist and must be overcome.  I will do this in a variety of ways and will now bore you to death with the details.

1. Diet: I will make sure I am taking in at least all the right colors.  Red, green, yellow, and so on.

2. Outlook: Through meditation and positive thoughts, I will have a balanced mental outlook.  I will send negative thoughts on their way because they do not belong in a positive world. (WTF!!) LOL.

3. Friendship: I will keep those that mean the most to me the closest.  But I will also recognize when personal space is needed.

4. I will try to relax!  Troubles will come and they will go.  Such is the nature of these things.  Whatever storms are due my way, I will weather the storm and continue on to calmer weather and smoother seas.



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