Way to be

Now, here

I am keeping up this kind of journal into my thoughts.  I don’t really know who it’s for, but it does give me comfort.  Like all things these days, it is a part of my process and my wellness.  So here I am on a Thursday night.  I feel pretty good, not depressed in any real sense.

I am both blessed and cursed by my introspection.  More blessed because in recognizing my own pain, I can also recognize the pain in others.  I think many things are like that: you make what you will out of them.  I can say I am more blessed than others because I know how my life could have turned out.

Now, I need to see what lies ahead.  There are many things: school, dating, fun, wellness, and probably many other ideas I can’t yet contemplate.  I am grateful for what lies ahead, however.  I will do my best to take each day with compassion, but not pity; love but not blindness; patience but not lowliness; and above all else, the ability to stay calm and focused on my priorities and peace of mind.


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