what to learn?

Yes…this is the question now.  Not who, why, when, how, whatever…just, what.  What can I learn to better myself?  I find it hard whenever I think…then when I don’t think, the answers seem to come easier.  I think that is why I like absorbing information that has nothing to do with anything.  Like how many times a doorbell rings before somebody answers it.  Or, how long it takes somebody pulling out of a parking space,to realize they will almost never get out of that spot.

I like thinking in time, not numbers, and even words kind of seem odd.  I think that is because time seems so intangible.  It makes people want to hold on to it more.  Also, people seem to crave time even more than money, a thing hard to believe in a culture that is dedicated to making it.

So, back to the beginning: what to learn?  Maybe one thing.  Maybe everything.  I think that is how it starts.  You learn one thing, then a whole bunch of things fall into place.  But you still have to go back to that one thing.  It’s like a dot in the middle of a painting.  You see it and suddenly the painting takes on a whole new meaning, because you understand that everything came from that one, single point.  All of the colors and patterns are inside that dot, swirling and pulsing like a mini-sun.

Okay, I’ve gotten off topic.  But here is my point: learning is what you make of it.  If it works for you, but more importantly, if you HAVE FUN doing it, you are learning.



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