“The time I live in”

I live in the now.  The now is what I taste, hear, and feel.  I am aware of myself on a very high level.  This is not a smear on anyone and I feel where I am is not unique.  I am simply good with where I am.  There are good feelings I can relate to others and I am learning to control my feelings as they occur.  No more feelings of shame; I am what I am.

I feel that I can help people, too.  I try to reach out and let people know my experiences.  But I also know that I am not a preacher, I am a student and a student cannot relate things until he becomes the master.  That is one day going to be my level.

I am in love and I don’t know how that love will turn out.  I hope for the best, but if not, I also hope my sense of peace will grow in knowing I am FINE.  So.  Best things are on the horizon and I will stay positive.



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