Better days ahead

“Meditation topics”

Well, I am trying my best to see the good, now.  It is a kind of way to see into the future.  I am thinking of all things good and great.  One of the things about meditation I really enjoy is in gives you the sense you are in another place.  It’s not a place you could stay, but for a second or two, you can feel at home.

One of these places I really enjoy is a place on the beach.  I am sitting inside of a white with mainly white walls.  It reminds me of one of John Lennon’s songs, where he is with Yoko Ono.  Although HIS walls are bare, mine have pictures hanging on the walls, there are dreamcatchers, and so on.  Outside of the window, I can see the ocean waves washing up on the beach.  The sand is fine and lit like brown glass.  The waves are a blue that only seems to exist in things eternal and etheral.

My family is there with me, grandmother and uncle.  I feel peaceful here, it is a place where I can be both calm and detached.  This is one of my dreams and I hope to make it a reality one day.  I have many other dreams, but that will be a story for another time.

I also visit a park one day as well.  The park is somewhat as I remember it, although things have changed somewhat.  It no longer feels like the only thing I should be seeing.  I am glad for being able to get out and see things, now.  Things that are outside my perspective and knowledge.  I am learning not only from personal experience, but shared experience.  I hope to continue to go places, because I have a feeling that they may be the most important realizations of my life.


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