New realization from a story I just saw on this wordpress site: Some people just don’t think alike.  Some people see things differently.  The little girl I just saw on this documentary apparently sees words that seem to dance and move all over the place.  I think I may have this same ability, only with numbers.

Numbers never really make sense to me, but I am able to arrange them in a way that makes sense.  They move too, up, down, around.  Sometimes I stretch them, sometimes I shrink them to the size of pennies.  I think that my brain makes the problem harder than it really appears.

I trust my mind now and know that what seems complicated is actually simpler than it appears.  Nothing is ever easy of course, but this way of seeing numbers (different, not stupid) is something that might just serve me well one day.  I don’t know, I certainly can’t see the future.  But I have hope that my determination and ability to slow down my own head will make the problems shrink.  Then, I will be able to solve the equation on my own.


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