Love, once

Well, here it goes.  This is another one of those times when love has entered my life, for god knows what reason.  I mean I enjoy love just as much as any other sensitive guy I guess, but my experience with it has been different.

But I will focus on the current issue, now.  I don’t know how this love is going to go, but for the first time I am not afraid.  I know this might not work out.  I know it might go quickly, maybe just a spark of flame in an otherwise calm and quiet night.  I am totally okay with however this goes.

Here is my realization: I am loved by so many.  I mean, all I have to do is wake up to see that.  It’s all around me and it makes my day just to know that.  So, yes, I really do hope that love works out, I get married and live happily ever after.  But let’s be honest, it ain’t no never never land.  However this new, interesting love goes, I will be able to go through it with eyes wide open.  Love waits on the other side.


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