I am trying to find new ways to be grateful.  In some ways, I am beginning to think this one idea/concept could be just as important as love.  I try to be grateful every day for what I have, mostly by keeping positive thoughts in my head.  It really helps me find other ways to look at life.  And it keeps me grounded, which I prefer on most occasions.

To begin, I just have to really imagine what life would be like if I did not have basic things.  This is actually much harder than it seems.  But, once I begin, I see that to some people, these would seem like luxuries worth dying for.  Then I can begin to erase some of my wants, which are really just things I can live and do without.

I think the main thing here is not to be unimaginative and forget how to dream.  Dreaming is how we get what we need, after all.  But also, it is important to know what those things stand for.  END SERMON!


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