Love, but


Well, another way of looking at things.  I’m keeping this on wordpress, because I’ve been flooding facebook lately.  Besides, this one might just be for me.  Here it is: love is a great, worthy thing.  Wonderful to have, but very difficult to achieve.  It is a wonderful thing, but it is very hard to get.  There is work involved; apparently, even love has a price.  Not a steep price, but the tag is there, if one looks at it in the sunlight.

I love the irony based on the last piece that I wrote.  Love is something to aspire to, according to my last piece.  I still hold true to that ideal, but I also understand that the world is a lot of grey, to put it one way.  You can’t win by love alone, you also need to win period!  So, while love is one of my greatest hopes (I hope to have it my whole life) I also understand what it costs to have.  And that makes me want it much, much more.

To Love.


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