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“Tried and true”

Whatever the truth is, I always try.  I always can be my own hero and sometimes that is best.  Many people can help me along my way, but in the end I must carry the “ring”.  So I don’t worry anymore about will this work out, will love not carry me on.

I know that time and effort will be proven winners.  I am young and many years lie ahead of me to achieve what I wish.  Of course there will be obstacles, there always are.  But I am willing to face them with a strong heart and no desire for lying down.

I still yearn for the misty mountains and I fear I always will.  Maybe that is where I will end up one day, but not before I achieve my dreams.  They are the only thing worth striving and suffering over, worth even more than love if it were possible.  Dreams are living monuments, a testament to what is possible through hard work, dedication, and vision.  And as the famous song relates, “I live for my dream and a pocket full of gold.”  (Led Zeppelin lyric).


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