“I am up”

So, here I am, up and aware.  I don’t know exactly what to do today.  Given the temperatures, staying inside might be a safe bet.  Although, my internet security is past it’s due date.  Maybe I’ll go get another software package?  I don’t know, but I suppose that’s not the point anymore.  Just doing something is really all that I need to do.  There is nothing really is boring or just so outright apathetic as doing nothing.

On another topic, I am still single! LOL.  No really, not looking for anything serious anymore.  I think there is plenty of time for that and I don’t see any heavy complications in my future.  Life may prove me wrong, it has so far, but in any case I will be mellow about it anyway.  There are more things to learn besides the female sex, although admittedly none so intriguing.



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