What is in a name?


Labels and names.  We name everything and anything, we label each other.  We cast each other down and call each other “broken stars” and “losers” and “failures”.  But we only have ourselves to measure against.  What good is this system?

How can an ant measure itself against another worker?  Are they not both lifting the same grain of sand?  I don’t pretend to be a soothsayer…but it seems to me that as long as somebody believes their name is true, or names something to the best of their ability, or knows what something COULD be, what does it make the difference how labels are fitted?

I say this because I over label myself and for no other reason than I don’t wish to appear ignorant.  Fear of being ignorant can be remedied by simply asking the right questions.  But fear of saying the wrong thing can never be lifted.  I realize labels are important and they help people put things in categories, and without that there would be no order.  But when order fails (as it must always, in my humble view) then those labels must be discarded in exchange for the larger view.



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