My own mountain, backwards I climb

“Mountain is up”

I don’t know the best way to go forward except to keep the sun in front of me.  I am going to keep this short, as the lesson is always more for me.  It is easy to forget where the sun is, when looking at the mountain.  I think that is why I always forget how to be young.  It is hard for me to know exactly which way to go, but the sun is always there.

I need to follow the sun because that is where the answer is.  The mountain, symbolizing wisdom of  course, makes a good destination.  But the mountain will never move.  The sun, however, is constantly “moving” (the Earth moves, I know) and is harder to find.  Look at the sun too long, and you go blind.  Not a bad way to go, but it does blind me to whatever else is around.  So, I must try to see the sun…but only when it moves across the mountain.



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