thoughts of present


Worry sometimes tends to overwhelm my positive outlook.  Harried, unwelcome thoughts come into my mind.  I think and that tends to be my downfall.  NOt that thinking is a bad thing.  It gets me out of many situations where I would usually resort to unresolved feelings.  That cannot be my only defense, however.  I have to use good judgement as well as reasoned thinking.

It occurs to me to look to the great Leonard Nimoy, (wrong spelling) who died today.  I think that in many ways I feel myself to be Vulcan.  I feel logic should and usually does rule my world.  However, there are times when my feelings take over and that side does do me credit.  I guess I have to balance the two by knowing time and situation.  Sometimes cirumstances will not give me that option, and I may have the unfortunate overraction.  At times like these, I must learn to forgive myself and say, “The lesson will be learned next time.”



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