Morning routines

“New ones”

I am swimming now for the first time in a long time.  It really did not scare me as much as I’d first imagined.  I took it slow and tried to think of it as a process, which I do with a lot of things.  I first tried the warm water therapy pool and that was very relaxing and loosened up my muscles.  Then, I took a dip in the main pool.

As it happened, there was a group already in the pool, practicing water aerobics.  It was fun to share the pool, even with older people.  (older women, mind you).  I also glanced over at the lap pool.  The depth does not frighten me so much as I theorize I can lay back like a turtle and breathe if that becomes too much.  I also studied some swimming strokes so I know how to do basic strokes.  I feel so much freer in the water than I do on land.  Plus, it seems to give me a basic need that I seemed to have been missing for very long.  Maybe that is because my body is made up of mostly water, so I feel more balanced?  Who knows.  This is a new chapter and I will be positive and interactive with my feelings, so as better to balance the new emotions.  And I will learn. 🙂


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