“Power of the trinity”

So, here I am again, trying to pass off some of my ideas as truths!  But don’t worry, these are simple enough and not extreme ideas.  There is enough of that in the world.  But here are a few things I have been thinking.

-A thought, a belief, an ideal.  these three factors seem to hold a lot of power in life.  Why?  Well, because a thought takes a lot of cohesion to create.  Once created, it is like making an impression in cement.  Or, hard to de-create.  I believe there are peaceful ways to form such thoughts and serve people through constant repetition, such as, “I can make a positive change in my life.  I can make good, healthy changes.”  (my mantra)

-There is an “X” thought that is always central to my feelings and thoughts.  I believe it marks where everything solidifies and becomes central.  A point is made, and then as soon as it is made, the “X” becomes two parallel lines again.  Two thoughts become one, and if that sounds crazy I won’t disagree.

– Lastly, I keep on with the belief of breathing.  I belief many things, but this one belief takes precedent (peace is brother).  I know that my mood and feelings are often beyond my own control, but this one action calms both body and mind and makes my dismal outlook much more tolerable.  It helps also to keep positivity in constant mind.



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