things to do before…you know.

So, I am making my unofficial “things I would like to do before” list.  I’m not going to jinx it by saying the actual word, so if you’re looking for that, try somewhere else!  Hopefully I get at least half of these things knocked out by the time I’m 40.

1. Take a trip to Africa.

2. Jump out of an airplane. (Or thrown, as the case may be 🙂

3. Go out with a hollywood actress.  B liners count.

4. See if I can climb a mountain.

5. Get a house by the ocean.  Where I would eventually like to live, for awhile.

6. Try a new world cuisine.  Maybe Australian?

7. Get into a hot air balloon.  Yes I am afraid of heights. LOL

8. Drive ten miles over the speed limit.  Damn it I’m a rebel.

9. Go someplace nobody has ever gone before.  (I am checking this one off)

10. See if anybody knows any good hide and seek games on the MOON!

Some of these things are a little outlandish, but each year I hope to add a few more.  I hope to one day get where I am going and have that wonderful grace everyone talks about but never sees…peace of mind. 🙂


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