The answer is key

The question is locked

Another wonderful look into the obvious!  I am starting to enjoy the fact that I can make small looks into the unfound.  It isn’t rocket science, but it is good for the process of my mind.

So, here is the one thing that always seems to intrigue people: is it the chicken or the egg?  What is more important in life, the question or the answer?  I feel like this could be argued both ways.  Some people search their entire life for that one answer that will satisfy their lives.  The question is known, but the answer burns.  It eats people up; I know from experience.

There are also some that search for the question.  I feel this is more meaningful to life, for as Socrates once stated, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  One question at a time is usually worth it, but some can do better with a central image or ideal.  Then, the search becomes more of a quest and that too can raise questions, more about the character of the searcher.

I can’t say what it is that drives each person.  Some people look for purpose, but others instinctively know that purpose is their drive.  THere is no right or wrong way to search for anything, as long as nobody is hurt in the process.  (especially the searcher).

My personal search is for humor.  I have lost it recently and wish to get it back.  I also search for peace, but peace is something that takes a long time to get.  Humor can be learned every day and usually through self evidence.



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